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Your Living Spaces Could Look Like the Ones Online

An experienced remodeling contractor in New Castle, DE can explain how

Home improvement websites often feature sophisticated kitchens and bathrooms, the kind that your neighbors would envy and your in-laws would be impressed by. You don't have to buy a new home to own luxurious living spaces - hire a skilled remodeling contractor based in New Castle, DE to update your kitchen and bathrooms.

Daniels Contracting can provide the remodeling services needed to modernize your home. Our owner is a handyman with over 15 years of experience and a passion for seeing projects through to completion.

Contact us today to start redesigning your living spaces.

Save big when you hire Daniels Contracting

We take pride in providing affordable remodeling services to New Castle, DE area homeowners. Be sure to ask us about our senior citizen or new customer discounts.

Call 302-244-2783 now to find out how much money you'll save by outsourcing your project to us.

You'll be pleased with the end result

Prepare to be amazed by your remodeled living spaces. After sharing your design ideas with our remodeling contractor, you can sit back and relax. We'll go above and beyond to provide...

Kitchen remodeling services:
We'll communicate effectively with subcontractors.
Bathroom remodeling services:
We can help you redesign your space within your budget.
Shed installation services:
We can demolish or remodel your run-down shed or build one from scratch.
Drywall repair services:
We'll repaint the area once we've patched your drywall.

You can expect customized service from us.